Jan 23



Late last year we were approached by UK Technology company Luminite Electronics about a product launch that would completely shake up the PIR camera industry – OCULi.

They tracked us down after watching our PROMO for the Drone Tech company TRIK AERIAL INSPECTIONS and said – ‘We need one just like that!’

After a long sit down to find out more about their product, industry, USP’s and even competitors, the MABINOGI TEAM came up with even a better idea.

‘Don’t make 1 video… Make 3!’   

Three short videos, each laser targeted to highlight a key feature or market sector that OCULi could disrupt and conquer.

What were the key elements to this video marketing campaign?

1) webeyeOCULi – LOCATIONS

  • Key elements:
    • Stunning aerial images – always eye catching.
      • A must have for social media
      • Several of these shots were from our www.drone-op.com stock footage library as well saving the client hundreds of £££’s
    • Motion Text / Graphics – often videos are started without sound so moving text helps set up the video.
      • Also with a lot of technical detail to cover, motion graphics are indespensible
    • Call to Action at end —  get in touch
    • Amazing location to show a memorable example of an OCULi Installer in the field.
    • High end table-top product work using Motion Control Slider.


  • Key elements:
    • Motion graphic again to open and get key USP’s across quickly and efficently
    • Demonstration of both Colour and B&W infra-red
    • New shots of the installer using the product in a ‘real’ location
    • Call to action at end
    • High end Table Top product work using Motion Control Slider.

3)  webeye OCULi – ALARM PLATFORM and APP

  • Same as above but with addition of online interface and App
  • Combination of Screen Recording and Traditional camerawork.
  • Studio Shoot to capture Mobile Phone and App in action – at new Mabinogi Studio once again saving our client hundreds of £££’s


We here are Mabinogi are committed to do more than just capture pretty pictures to support your product or business. We instead spend the time and effort to get to know your company, your product, your market and even your competitors.

It is this extra mile, as well as our extensive experience with tech and media that allows us to deliver more than just a promo. We deliver a targeted campaign.  If we have additional assets in our library, equipment or studio that can help us deliver the best, you can count on us to lend a hand at little or no additional charge.

To find out more how Mabinogi Productions can help your business, contact us today for a no obligation quote.