Nov 17

Seedrs Crowdfunding Pitch Video

When London-based start-up BonneNote needed a pitch video for their Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding campaign, they reached out to us at Mabinogi Productions.

With years of corporate promos behind us, we knew that BonneNote would have only one chance to get their message across to potential investors so it better be engaging, concise and effective.

We started our initial pre-production as we always do, with a good long chat about what their product’s USP was and what their target market was.

Now being a crowdfunding pitch video, this is slightly more tricky than it would normally be for a up and running business. For their ‘customers’ at this point are actually investors. So the messages we needed to bring to the viewers were : trust in the team,  belief in the product and finally potential for rapid and profitable growth in a lucrative market.

Working with the CEO Victor Der Megreditchian we created a tight and punchy script to best convey the essence of Bonnenote’s business plan and profit potential.  Considering Victor was using his third best language, we think he smashed it, conveying an honest and knowledgeable investment pitch.

The key elements to successful Crowdfunding Pitch Video or Corporate Promo:

  • Good Primary Location with plenty of depth, light and colour
  • Use of two cameras (one of which should be moving on a slider or gimbal)
  • Supplemental B-Roll (of product, staff or ‘customers/users’) – This takes the pressure of the company spokesperson as they will not have to be on screen the whole time.
  • Great audio (professional radio mics are key)
  • Time to light properly.  Often overlooked, the last ingredient in our secret sauce is usually lighting.
  • Engaging and flexible Script.  One of our strengths is the ability of our Directors to make the interviewee / spokesperson feel comfortable and if necessary rewrite the script on the fly to suit the needs of the day.

If your business is gearing up for a Crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Crowdcube or just a private investment pitch, please drop us a line to find out how we can help your reach your investment goal and launch your business on the path to success.  

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