Nov 23



Last year we were approached to do an industrial inspection of a massive 6-story council house via our aerial division

It was a cutting edge tech start up TRIK that was engaging in a proof of concept on their new 3D Mapping App and web platform. Our mission was to photograph every inch of the structure.

After a long day in high winds we were happy to deliver over 1000 photos and several videos. TRIK then used this images to ‘skin’ a 3D model with extreme precision.

Job done, right?  But to our surprise no. For 3 Months later TRIK returned to engage MABINOGI to create a fund raising video highlighting not only their product and USP’s but also the market size and opportunity for investment.

This Product Launch video went on to launch TRIK at one of South East Asia’s largest Technology Expos.

We are thrilled with the result and even more exited to introduce our industrial survey clients to this ground breaking service. Visit for more info on aerial surveys and 3D mapping.


We here are Mabinogi are committed to do more than just capture pretty pictures to support your product or business. We instead spend the time and effort to get to know your company, your product, your market and even your competitors.

It is this extra mile, as well as our extensive experience with tech and media that allows us to deliver more than just a promo. We deliver a targeted campaign.  If we have additional assets in our library, equipment or studio that can help us deliver the best, you can count on us to lend a hand at little or no additional charge.

To find out more how Mabinogi Productions can help your business, contact us today for a no obligation quote.